Okay, I admit, I just put the word sex in the title to get your attention. Did it work? Are you reading this? Now to hopefully make it worth your while.  So, I have been thinking a bit about how many people think the images they see on-line lie. A common comment is ‘The photos made the place look WAY bigger than it is.’ Well, is it so, and, if so why? More sinisterly, do the agent and photograph conspire to deliberately mislead the public? I can categorically deny the later. Though for sure the images can look ‘distorted’ and the following may help you understand why.  So, why do properties sometimes look different, bigger, better in a photo?  Well two main reasons in my opinion. One, the gear we use, and two, people pay us to make their property look good, not bad. They expect to see a whole bedroom, not a small section of it for example. Anyway, I’ll break these two things down a little. 1. The gear we use. Well the main part of our kits is the lens. To shoot interiors we mainly use wide-angle lenses. Why? Well, to get ‘everything’ in the shot. Simplistically speaking, wide-angle lenses are 16-50mm, ultra-wide is anything less than 16mm, and, anything over 50mm is going into telephoto territory. 50mm lens is a focal length similar to the human eye without the peripheral vision. Wide lenses tend to distort the view by making things look more distant, and, in the confined space of a home, rooms look ‘bigger’. Most clients, their agents, and even buyers and renters, want to see the whole room in the shot. So, we put on the 16-35mm lens and start shooting to give everyone what they want. 2. Owners and agents want the property to looks as best it can in order to achieve the best price possible. Part of this is the photography and how the property looks online. People want to see as much of the room in the shot as is possible. This often involves using a wide angle and other methods such as shooting diagonally into a room to show as much of it as possible. They also want to see it look clean and inviting. A big part of my job as a real estate photographer is to support the agents in their roles as marketers and negotiators. Our jobs are similar in that we both need to do our best for our client by using our skills, and, by being positive at all times, to ensure the best result possible for the property owner. I hope this blog goes some way to helping people understand the reasons why some properties look different in real life.